How to order JIRO RAMEN in POT


Now I'll show you HOW TO ORDER JIRO RAMEN in POT!

If you order that, you can enjoy Jiro ramen at your home!

JIRO RAMEN in POT is "NABE JIRO" in Japanese.


I'll call "JIRO RAMEN in pot" "NABE JIRO" in this article.


Maybe you already notice and think "hmm... this Japanese is not good at English..."


HAHAHA, it's true.

I'm not good at English.

I have never been to study abroad.

But I'll hang in there cuz I love JIRO RAMEN and I want you to know how delicious JIRO RAMEN is!!


Let me introduce!


⑴Prepare a pot and containers and a towel!

If you order NABE JIRO, you'll receive soup and noodles and vegetables and roast porks and chopped garlic.



You'll receive it in a pot. you have to prepare a pot!

If you can, make a container airtight!

And it won't be spilled!

 ②Dried Noodles

Plastic bag is suitable!



Plastic bag is suitable too! 

④Roast Porks

Tupper(a plastic container) is suitable!

Cuz roast porks contain some soup in themselves.

Soup in roast porks will be spilled.

⑤Chopped Garlic

Plastic bag is suitable too!


Maybe when you receive your pot, it is a little dirty.

You had better wipe off!!


⑵How do you carry it??

①By car

Maybe it is the best.

But if soup is spilled, you're sad. I'm sad

You have to make containers airtight.

Pay attention to vibration!


②Walk with your friends

Good idea!

But your home have to be near Ramen Jiro shop.


③Train and subway

It is not impossible... But don't do that, please.

NABE JIRO smells good and other people will be too hungry...please don't do that!



Maybe it is impossible.



Do you understand?? Okay??

Let's prepare a pot and containers and a car!

Then let's go driving to jiro with a beautiful girl!! lol



⑶What you should say to order NABE JIRO??

Arrived at RAMEN JIRO, what you should say??

it is simple!!

You should say, "NABE JIRO please!".

And the salesman(or saleswoman) will respond and ask you about quantity of ramen you wanna eat.

Then say the number of ramen you wanna eat!

for example, "Two small ramen please".

When the salespeople understand what you're saying, they begin cooking for you!

Buy the tickets and give salespeople them!

Wait for about 30 minutes!

You'll receive NABE JIRO.




Enjoy NABE JIRO!!!!